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[I]n his matchless on-this-day approach to chronicling “yesteryear,”
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which promptly lapsed into a more idiosyncratic mode of relating the past.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Where the Riff Meet The Raff, The Ragamuffin, The Rapacious: The Way It Was, 29 July

In the first of its two summers as a CBS series in which listeners were asked to hear and vote upon prospective new shows, this otherwise eclectic anthology premieres what's destined to become one of old-time radio's signature successes---the doings and undoings of a seedy New York pub whose malaproprietor Archie (Ed Gardner) presides over riff, raff, ragamuffin, and rapacity, aided and abetted by a few charming guest stars---and the never-seen pub owner whose incessant calls and criticisms drive Archie two shots short of a highball.

Gertrude Niesen: Herself. Col. Stoopnagle: F. Chase Taylor. Larry Adler: Himself. Music: John Kirby Orchestra. Writers: Ed Gardner, Abe Burrows.


1977: AN INSTITUTION'S FAREWELL---Buffalo, New York morning radio institution Clint Buehlmann---whose presence traced back to the peak of the old-time radio era (late 1930s-late 1940s)---performed his final program on WBEN.


FORT LARAMIE: NATURE BOY (CBS, 1956)---Quince (Raymond Burr) has orders to escort a Bureau of Indian Affairs official and his wife, whose presence has unsettled locals disturbed by their teaching Indians some refinements to their routines. Additional cast: Parley Baer, Harry Bartell, John Dehner, Virginia Gregg, Joseph Kearns, Howard McNear, Shirley Mitchell. Announcer: Dan Cubberly. Music: Amerigo Macdonnell. Writer: Kathleen Hite.


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