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Sunday, July 26, 2009

How to Steal a Planet Without Really Trying: The Way It Was, 26 July

An archaeologist (Ernest Chappell, who narrates) and his wife discover an ancient Myan temple, deep in a remote and nameless Mexican jungle, and an archaeological treasure so great they fear the Mexican government's despoiling it---but discover in due course that removing it even for safety's sake may pose grave consequences for themselves . . . and the world.

Voice on the Radio: Bill Thompson. Additional cast: Unknown. Writer/director: Wyllis Cooper.


1902 (?): DOWN WITH COMMON SENSE---George and Margaret Allen have no clue that the newborn daughter they will christen Grace Ethel Cecile Rosalie (though no one---including her future husband---will seem to remember precisely when she arrives) is destined to become---via old-time radio, especially---the world's unchallenged queen of illogical logic, as the wife and zany partner of one Nathaniel Birnbaum, known better as George Burns.


THE HINDS HONEY & ALMOND CREAM SHOW STARRING GEORGE BURNS & GRACIE ALLEN: AUNT CLARA'S KANGAROO (CBS, 8 MAY 1940)---The first of three classic episodes during the "Gracie for President" gag chosen for this tribute: A trip to the Surprise Party convention will have to wait at least long enough to retrieve the train tickets---because the Surprise Party's Presidential candidate (three guesses) gave the tickets to a stranger who wanted to be at the broadcast . . . not to mention assuring George (Burns) will tend Aunt Clara. Additional cast: Frank Parker, Truman Bradley. Music: Ray Noble and His Orchestra. Writers: George Burns, William Burns, Sid Dorfman, Paul Henning.

THE HINDS HONEY & ALMOND CREAM SHOW WITH GEORGE BURNS & GRACIE ALLEN: RAH-RAH IN OMAHA (CBS, 15 MAY 1940)---George (Burns) and Gracie (Allen) and her presidential campaign arrive at Omaha's Exarbin Coliseum in advance of the Surprise Party convention. Additional cast: Truman Bradley, Bubbles Kelly. Music: Ray Noble and the Union Pacific Band, Frank Parker. Writers: George Burns, William Burns, Sid Dorfman, Paul Henning.

THE HINDS HONEY & ALMOND CREAM SHOW WITH GEORGE BURNS & GRACIE ALLEN: 29 MAY 1940: SWEEPING INTO OFFICE (CBS, 29 MAY 1940)---Broadcasting from Treasure Island at the San Francisco World's Fair, George (Burns) thinks Gracie (Allen) will be a shoe-in for the White House if they can get a powerful Bay Area wheel behind her campaign---assuming he can shut her up about the man's sensitivity about his red beard. Additional cast: Frank Parker, Truman Bradley. Music: Ray Noble & His Orchestra. Writers: George Burns, William Burns, Sid Dorfman, Paul Henning.

LUX RADIO THEATERARE HUSBANDS NECESSARY (CBS, 15 FEBRUARY 1943)---In an adaptation of the 1942 Ray Milland-Betty Field film comedy, an aspiring but unlucky banker (Burns) sees his hopes of a vice presidency get compromised by the inadvertent meddling of his scattered wife (Allen) . . . who doesn't realise she's abetting the overt corruption of a rival (Arthur Q. Bryan). Adapted from the screenplay by Frank Davis and Tess Slesinger, based on the novel, Mr. and Mrs. Cugat by Isabel Scott Rorick. (This may or may also have provided a seed for what would become radio's My Favourite Husband in due course.)

MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE TIME WITH GEORGE BURN & GRACIE ALLEN: KANSAS CITY'S FAVOURITE SINGER (CBS, 6 JUNE 1944)---Discouraged George (Burns), who thinks he's just a miserable, broken-down flop, gets a letter intended for Dinah Shore by mistake---and Gracie (Allen) uses it to help cheer him up, unaware that an official decree naming Shore Kansas City's favourite singer is also going to the Burns home by mistake. Dinah Shore: Herself. The Happy Postman: Mel Blanc. Tootsie Stagwell: Elvia Allman. Additional cast: Jimmy Cash, Hans Conreid, Bill Goodwin, Lawrence Nash. Music: Felix Mills Orchestra. Writers: George Burns, Hal Block, Aaron Ruben, possibly Helen Gould Harvey.

MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE TIME WITH GEORGE BURNS & GRACIE ALLEN: 17 MARCH 1949: GEORGE HAS A COLD (CBS, 17 MARCH 1949)---Not to mention a few headaches when Gracie gets Marlene Dietrich mixed up in her inimitable style. Additional cast: Bea Benaderet, Bill Goodwin, Harry Von Zell, Toby Reed. Music: Harry Goodwin Orchestra.

MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE TIME WITH GEORGE BURNS & GRACIE ALLEN: EDDIE CANTOR IS WORKING TOO HARD (CBS, 21 APRIL 1949)---Only the first hints involve how many dates he books in a day and how long it's been since he's kissed his wife. Additional cast: Bill Goodwin, Toby Reed, Bea Benaderet. Writers: Paul Henning, Keith Fowler, George Burns.


1896---Charles Butterworth (comedian: The Fred Astaire Show), South Bend, Indiana.
1899---Danton Walker (columnist/host: Forty-Five Minutes on Broadway; Twin Views of the News), Marietta, Georgia.
1903---Donald Voorhees (conductor: Cavalcade of America; The Bell Telephone Hour), Allentown, Pennsylvania.
1907---Galen Drake (news commentator), Kokomo, Indiana.
1911---Buddy Clark (singer: Your Hit Parade; The New Carnation Contented Hour), Dorchester, Massachussetts.
1918---Stacy Harris (actor: This Is Your FBI; Pepper Young's Family), Big Timber, Quebec.
,small>1922---Blake Edwards (writer: Lineup; Richard Diamond, Private Detective), Tulsa, Oklahoma.


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Not "exarbin" -- Ak-Sar-Ben, as in "Nebraska" spelled backwards.

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