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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Poll Dancing: The Way It Was, 20 June

The good news: She's revealed as San Francisco's favourite old-time radio program detective, by way of a San Francisco Examiner listeners' poll. The bad news: Our heroine (Natlie Masters) gets a visit from the sister (Cilla Skelton) of a hit songwriter (John Rover), who fears her brother's pending symphony might become the soundtrack to his permanent demise.

Watson: Jack Douglas. Mallard: Henry Leff. Announcer: Dudley Manlove. Writer: Monte Masters.


THE JELL-O PROGRAM STARRING JACK BENNY: JACK'S MOVIE (NBC, 1937)---A little Father's Day needling ("Hello, Daddy, and I don't mean 'sugar'") graduates to a lot of celluloid sarcasm, and only a week after Mary (Livingstone) gets a whack at a movie. Additional cast: Eddie (Rochester) Anderson, Kenny Baker, Andy Devine, Phil Harris, Don Wilson. Music: Phil Harris and His Orchestra, Kenny Baker. Announcer: Don Wilson. Writers: Al Boasberg, Howard Snyder, possibly Hugh Wedlock, Jr.

INFORMATION, PLEASE: "THAT SURREALISTIC PAINTER" (NBC, 1939)---OK, so she won't be asked, "Gracie, how's your information," but radio's favourite illogical logician will be introduced as "that surrealistic painter" (Allen did paint as a hobby, but the phrase could also have applied to her legendary grammatical inversions); and, she will hold her own very nicely, thank you, becoming anything but an extinguished panelist. Remaining panelists: John F. Kieran, Franklin P. Adams, John Gunther. Host: Clifton Fadiman. Announcer: Milton Cross.


1890---Effie Palmer (actress: Lonely Woman; Scattergood Baines), Albany, New York.
1893---Edwin Wolfe (actor: Pepper Young's Family), unknown.
1897---Bob Howard (pianist/vocalist: Calsodent Presents Bob Howard; Sing It Again), West Newton, Massachussetts.
1899---Helen Traubel (vocalist: Metropolitan Opera; The Bell Telephone Hour; The Jimmy Durante Show), St. Louis.
1904---Matt Crowley (actor: Mark Trail; Buck Rogers), unknown.
1909---Errol Flynn (actor: Modern Adventures of Casanova; Lux Radio Theater), Hobart, Tasmania.
1924---Chet Atkins (as Chester Burton Atkins; guitarist/composer: Boone County Neighbours; Grand Ole Opry), Luttrell, Tennessee.Audie Murphy (World War II hero/actor: Cavalcade of America; The Big Show), Kingston, Texas.
1931---Martin Landau (actor: No Love Lost), Brooklyn.


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