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Monday, June 15, 2009

A Slap on the Back: The Way It Was, 15 June

Eddie (Eddie Green) discovers the roof is leaking . . . just as Archie's (Ed Gardner) fixing up the dive for the day in question. ("The one day of the year fathers get a slap on the back instead of a kick in the pants") And, lamenting his own lack of children---until he fixes on marrying a jukebox singer he's yet to meet.

Guest Star: Bob Crosby. Miss Duffy: Sandra Gould. Finnegan: Charles Cantor. Music: Marty Malneck Orchestra. Writers: Ed Gardner, Larry Marks, possibly Manny Sachs.


MR. KEEN, TRACER OF LOST PERSONS: THE CASE OF THE WOMAN IN BLUE (CBS, 1944)---A nervous, heartbroken Army Air Force lieutenant's romantic encounter at a masquerade disappeared---two days before they supposedly met, according to her maid, prompting the lieutenant to engage Keen (Bennett Kilpack) and Suzy (Florence Malone). Clancy: Jim Kelly. Additional cast: Unknown. Writer: Possibly Lawrence Klee.

THE CLOCK: ISLAND PARADISE (ABC, 1947)---Role reversal of a sort for a prisoner and the man who captured him. Preston: Leon Biers. Regan: Don Crosby. Arch: Alan Trevor. The Clock: Hart McGuire. Additional cast: Max Ryan, Walter Sullivan. Writer: Lawrence Klee.


1861---Ernestine Schumann-Heink (vocalist: Enna Jettick Melodies; Hoover Sentinels Serenade), Prague.
1894---Robert Russell Bennett (composer: Project Twenty), Kansas City; Leo Cleary (actor: His Honour, The Barber), Massachussetts.
1905---James Robertson Justice (actor: Star Bill), Wigtown, Scotland.
1909---Joseph DeSantis (actor: Under Arrest), New York City.
1910---David Rose (composer/conductor: The Red Skelton Show; Bold Venture), London.
1918---Richard Derr (actor: Crime Does Not Pay), Norristown, Pennsylvania.
1921---Erroll Garner (pianist/composer: Jubilee; Command Performance; Arthur Godfrey Time), Pittsburgh.
1929---Lucille Norman (vocalist: The Time, The Place, and the Tune; The Railroad Hour), Lincoln, Nebraska.


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