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[I]n his matchless on-this-day approach to chronicling “yesteryear,”
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which promptly lapsed into a more idiosyncratic mode of relating the past.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Budgets and Rivalries: The Way It Was, 21 June

With rival Earl Dixon opening up across the street, Andy (Charles Correll) thinks it's an excellent idea, charts and all, but Andy and Sylvester (possibly Freeman Gosden, who also plays Amos) also worry about Dixon's apparent interest in Ruby Taylor.

Writers: Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll.


TOWN HALL TONIGHT WITH FRED ALLEN: CRISIS ON THE SHOWBOAT (NBC, 1939)---After pondering the summer playhouse action pending for Broadway actors, and reviewing the no-talents who hope to find summertime work, the Mighty Allen Art Players (Jack Smart, Minerva Pious, possibly Walter Tetley, possibly John Brown) unfurl a Mississippi River satire. With Portland Hoffa. Announcer: Harry Von Zell. Music: Peter van Steeden Orchestra. Writers: Fred Allen, Arnold Auerbach, Harry Turgend, Herman Wouk.

THE GREEN HORNET: WALK OUT FOR PROFIT (MUTUAL, 1941)---Lowry and Axford (Jack Petruzzi, Gil Shea) stumble upon professional strikers who have less interest in legitimate labour issues than in stirring up profitable industrial unrest . . . but Reid (Al Hodge) and Kato (Raymond Toyo) learn the hard way that the leader of the strike gangs kidnaps Lowry to back the Sentinel away from exposing him. Lenore Case: Lee Allman. Additional cast: Unknown. Announcer: Possibly Mike Wallace. Writer: Fran Striker.


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