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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

An Unneglected Anniversary: The Way It Was, 19 August

In one of the few complete surviving broadcasts of the series, the episode title is NBC's own way to refer to the eighth anniversary of the groundbreaking serial comedy-drama's advent on network radio.

And tonight's show only begins with NBC president Bennett R. Lord reading a special commemorative greeting to the duo, before getting to the business at hand; and, Walter Huston offering tribute following the actual episode, a tribute that includes a brief recap of the show's history.

As for the episode: Vacationing Amos and Andy (Freeman Gosden, Charles Correll), who drove their taxi out to the Left Coast, run out of gas near Lake Arrowhead in the southern California mountains, which only compounds Amos's frustration---they're already lost as it is---until a surprise stranger offers them a free can of gas, a sandwich, and an intriguing story.

Announcer: Bill Hay. Music: Gaylord Carter. Writers: Freeman Gosden, Charles Correll.


THE GOLDBERGS: ALLYSON HEARS ABOUT LEAH (CBS, 1941)---With Sylvia aboard a train for home, Allyson---who knows nothing of either Sylvia's departure or Leah's stroke---is now married to Esther, but his joy is about to be compromised by the news the Goldbergs (in order of appearance today: Roslyn Siber, Alfred Ryder, Gertrude Berg, John R. Waters) can no longer keep from him, before which Sammy (Ryder) admits to Rosalie (Siber) his own failure in the aborted romance with Sylvia. Announcer: James Fleming. Writer/Director: Gertrude Berg.

FORT LARAMIE: GOODBYE, WILLA (CBS, 1956)---After an exhaustive six-week campaign, with one soldier griping about the frustrations of absentee marriage, and Daggett (Jack Moyles) among the regiment husbands looking forward to returning to domestic bliss, Quince (Raymond Burr) and Daggett lead their exhausted and homesick men back to Laramie, where bachelor Quince's mixed feelings about domesticity may cost a price he's now unwilling to pay, in his way. Miss Willa: Virginia Gregg. Sieberts: Harry Bartell. Gorce: John Dehner. Additional cast: Paul Dubov, Parley Baer. Announcer: Dan Cubberly. Music: Amerigo Marino. Director: Norman Macdonnell. Writer: Kathleen Hite.


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