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Friday, August 14, 2009

Depends on Your Definition of Unique: The Way It Was, 14 August

In an AFRS rebroadcast first aired in June, finals week for Madison High isn't exactly a snap for Connie (Eve Arden), who's just laboured over preparing her classes' exams and who has a too-early breakfast visitor---Conklin (Gale Gordon), who wants her to consult on picking a student winner for a prize recognising "unique" English ability but won't let her get in a word edgewise or otherwise.

Which may be child's play compared to Walter's (Richard Crenna) concurrent visit, since he wants Connie to make a student barbeque party at which he's arranged for her to get closer to indifferent Boynton (Jeff Chandler) by way of a pair of exotic lovebirds. The kicker: It's Stretch's (Leonard Smith) party, but his father won't sanction it unless his barely literate son wins the English prize.

Mrs. Davis: Jane Morgan. Music: Lud Luskin. Director: Larry Burns. Writers: Arthur Alsberg, Al Lewis.


LUM & ABNER: SQUIRE WANTS A THIRD INTEREST IN THE MOBILE STORE (NBC Blue, 1935)---That's the bad news, which kind of dampens the good news that---now that Lum (Chester Lauck, who also plays Grandpappy) and Abner (Norris Goff, who also plays Squire) have solidified their new mobile store venture, which has already set them back just a tad getting it built on the chassis of Abner's old car--Snake's willing to sell the Jot 'Em Down Store back to the boys. Writers: Chester Lauck, Norris Goff.

VIC & SADE: BACON SANDWICHES (NBC, 1940)---Sade's (Bernadine Flynn) quiet midday embroidering in Vic's (Art Van Harvey) easy chair is shifted pleasantly when Rush (Bill Idelson) invites her to shift to the porch swing, but the pleasantry isn't destined to last without at least a few quiet wrinkles that only begin with the dulling paint on the swing and continue with news of Rooster Davis's unusual new restaurant idea. Writer/director: Paul Rhymer.


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