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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Not in His Town: The Way It Was, 16 August

It's too late to stop Billy Saxon from swinging on a lynch rope to cover for another killer.

But with Kitty (Georgia Ellis) implying he's to blame for it happening at all, Dillon (William Conrad)---who was at Fort Dodge and unable to stop the lynching, but arrived back in time to find Saxon dead and hanging and to arrange his burial---hopes it isn't too late to bring two men to trial: the lyncher, Cam Powell (Paul Duval), whose brother was the original murder victim; and, former gunfighter turned cook Hank Ashford (possibly Tom Tully), who's just a little too skilled with guns still . . . especially Saxon's.

Chester: Parley Baer. Stewart: John Dehner. Additional cast: Joan Danton, Ross Moody, Lee Millar. Announcer: Roy Rowan. Director: Norman McDonnell. Music: Rex Khoury. Writer: John Meston.


QUIET, PLEASE: PRESTO, CHANGE-O, I'M SURE (MUTUAL, 1948)---Making a joke about making an elephant disappear is no laughing matter for a man (Ernest Chappell, who narrates) who actually made an elephant disappear, once upon a time . . . along with a few other creatures and people to whom he may come to regret pulling the trick. Bernard: Ed Latimer. Professor: Edgar Stehli. Genevieve: Peggy Stanley. Dog, gorilla: Brad Barker. Music: Albert Buhrman. Writer/director: Wyllis Cooper.


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