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Monday, August 10, 2009

Spare the Child? The Way It Was, 10 August

Constricted by the limit of the half-hour program but sobering nevertheless, here is an analysis of American child-rearing, in historical but seriocomic form, from colonial to contemporary times. A few strains in the prose and the dialogue but as good as it gets for its time and place.

Modern Mother: Katherine Anderson. Observer: Jackson Beck. Additional cast: Mary Patton, Ian Martin, Sarah Fussell, Joe Helgeson, Ed Prentiss, Lawson Serby, Nell Harrison, Ethel Owen, Ruth Tobin. Announcer: Gaylord Avery. Narrator: Joseph Julian. Music: Charles Paul. Director: Paul Roberts. Writer: Johanna Johnston.


CITIES SERVICE HIGHWAYS IN MELODY: DOROTHY KIRSTEN, GUEST SOLOIST (NBC, 1945)---The spinto soprano's charming performance of "I'll Follow My Secret Heart" highlights a typical lush half-hour for this version of the long-running Friday night music interlude. Musical director/conductor: Paul Lavalle. Announcer: Ford Bond.

LORENZO JONES: LORENZO IS ACCUSED OF ROBBERY (NBC, 1945)---While gullible Lorenzo hits New York trying to learn something of amnesiac Alice---who may actually be half of a husband-and-wife scam team---he's being held for questioning in the Big Apple . . . while Belle (Beth Johnson, standing in for Lucille Wall), trying to answer questions from the sheriff, learns the hard way that standing by her man isn't always a guarantee of security. Additional cast: Unknown. Announcer: George Putnam. Writers: Theodore and Mathilde Ferro.

QUIET, PLEASE: BRING ME TO LIFE (MUTUAL, 1947)---A scriptwriter (Ernest Chappell, who narrates) in search of a prime character, with his deadline only a short way away, gets a lot more than he asked when he sees a line on the sheet in his typewriter . . . a line he didn't write. Ruth: Helen Marcy. Attacker: Walter Black. Man on Telephone: Warren Bryan. Music: Gene Perrazo. Writer/director: Wyllis Cooper.


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