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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Mostly Quiet: The Way It Is, 1 December

As November ended, so December begins in classic radio history: nothing of earthshattering history on its first day. There was, however, enough of engaging programming, so that's where we should spend the day.


1941: A MAN'S CASTLE---Now, here's a teaming: Spencer Tracy and Ingrid Bergman (in Loretta Young's film role) re-create the 1933 film about a restless squatter's camper who plots a toy store robbery with a fellow camper who has eyes for the homeless---and pregnant---newcomer whom he wants to leave some money before he bolts, on tonight's edition of Lux Radio Theater. (CBS.)

Bragg: Arthur Hull. Ira: Edgar Barriot. Host: Cecil B. DeMille. Adapted from the story and screenplay by Lawrence Hazard and Jo Swerling.

1946: ONE-EYED CAT---An elderly paraplegic attached to his gentle, one-eyed cat is victimised by a ruthless new private nurse, on tonight's edition of The Clock. (ABC.)

The Clock: Hart McGuire. Additional cast: Unknown. Writer: Lawrence Klee.

1947: THE REWARD---It's one year since scrambled Irma (Marie Wilson) and sensible Jane (Cathy Lewis) became housemates ("So many people wonder how I can keep living with a girl who thinks President Hoover invented the vacuum cleaner")---and an envelope of petty cash Richard (Leif Erickson) brings for Jane to hold proves only too tempting to scheming Al (John Brown), when it turns up in a purse Irma finds while Jane's out at the drugstore, on tonight's edition of My Friend Irma. (CBS.)

Prof. Kropotkin: Hans Conreid. Mrs. O'Reilly: Gloria Gordon. Writers: Parke Levy, Stanley Adams.

1953: MURDER AMONG THE STATUES---It's one thing for Rocky (Frank Sinatra) to take a handyman's gig tending statuary in a tony art parlour, but it's something else again when he stands to join the stiffs, on tonight's edition of Rocky Fortune. (NBC.)

Additional cast: Jan Minor, Ted Osborne, Leon Janney, Joseph Julian, Ed Begley, Mandel Kramer. Writer: Ernest Kinoy.

1957: JUD'S WOMAN---A frightened woman, who turned shelter-seeking Matt (William Conrad) and Chester (Parley Baer) away during a violent storm, now asks Matt to hide her from her violent man, who threatens Matt after he shelters her with Kitty (Georgia Ellis)---and who's hijacked the stage on which Matt books her out of town, on tonight's edition of Gunsmoke. (CBS; rebroadcast: Armed Forces Radio Television Service.)

Kitty: Georgia Ellis. Doc: Howard McNear. Additional cast: Unknown. Announcers: George Fenneman, George Walsh. Writer: Marian Clark.


1896---Ray Henderson (composer: Music for Millions; Cue Magazine Salutes ASCAP), Buffalo, New York; Ethel Shutta (singer/comedienne: The Jack Benny Program), New York City.
1898---Cyril Ritchard (actor: Best Plays; U.S. Steel Hour; NBC Star Playhouse), Sydney, Australia.
1913---Mary Martin (singer/actress: Lifebuoy Health Soap Program; Good News of 1940; Kraft Music Hall), Weatherford, Texas.
1914---Johnny Johnston (singer: The Breakfast Club; Club Matinee; Duffy's Tavern; Rhapsody in Rhythm), St. Louis.
,small>1917---William Tracy (actor: Roosty of the AAF), Pittsburgh.
1918---Thomas Hayward (singer: Serenade to America; Name Speaks), Kansas City.
1920---Mary Wells (actress: John Steele, Adventurer), Omaha, Nebraska.
1939---Dianne Lennon (singer, with the Lennon Sisters: Music on Deck; Voices of Vista; Guest Star), Los Angeles.


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