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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving Thanks, Overdue

If it isn't too late, I'd like only to wish everyone who happens by this little arterial (all eleven of you) a wondrous and fulfilling Thanksgiving, one that stirs as much of the profound reason we have to be thankful as anything else.

Even in despair, even in a time when you think nothing but the smothering of hardship embraces you, you have a gift called life, from a benevolent God who probably needs you as deeply as you need Him; and, no matter how completely the hardship blocks your sight toward the light at the proverbial tunnel's end, one way or the other you will reach the light, and it will embrace you, all over again.

And, if you are as wise as I hope one day to become myself, this time you will let the light stay about you, and not let the madnesses of this temporal world dim it once again to, perhaps, worse hardship than that which you just resolved.

Give thanks. And, please, accept mine, for making my days a little more bearable by being able to share old-time radio with you.


Herewith a small selection of personal favourite Thanksgiving-themed or Thanksgiving-contiguous radio vintage.

JACK'S THE TURKEY---The Jack Benny Program (NBC); original broadcast: 28 November 1937; cast: Jack Benny, Mary Livingstone, Phil Harris, Kenny Baker, Don Wilson; music: Phil Harris and his Orchestra, Kenny Baker. Writers: John Tackaberry, George Balzer, Sam Perrin.

THANKSGIVING SHOW---Or, Gracie's the turkey, The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show (NBC); original broadcast: 18 November 1940; cast: Senor Lee, Truman Bradley; music: Artie Shaw and His Orchestra; writers: Paul Henning, Keith Fowler, George Burns.

A SERVICEMAN FOR THANKSGIVING---The Great Gildersleeve (NBC); original broadcast: 16 November 1941; cast: Harold Peary, Earle Ross, Lurene Tuttle, Walter Tetley, Lillian Randolph, Richard LeGrande; writers: John Whedon, Sam Moore.

THE MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION---Lux Radio Theater (CBS); original broadcast: 13 November 1944; cast: Claudette Colbert, Don Ameche; host: Cecil B. DeMille.

EVERYONE AT ABNER'S FOR THANKSGIVING---Lum & Abner (CBS); original broadcast: 22 November 1945; cast/writers: Chester Lauck, Norris Goff.

LOTS OF GUESTS---The Pepsodent Show with Bob Hope (NBC); original broadcast: 18 November 1947; cast: Bob Hope, Eddie Cantor, Jim & Marian Jordan (Fibber McGee & Molly), Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll (Amos 'n' Andy), Walter Winchell; writers: Jack Douglas, Hal Bock, possibly Al Josefsberg, Larry Marks.

DOC'S PHEASANTS FOR DINNER---Fibber McGee & Molly; original broadcast: 23 November 1948 (NBC); cast: Jim & Marian Jordan, Arthur Q. Bryan, Bill Thompson, Isabel Randolph; music: Billy Mills and his Orchestra; writers: Don Quinn, Phil Leslie.

THANKSGIVING TURKEY---Our Miss Brooks (CBS); original broadcast: 19 November 1950; cast: Eve Arden, Jane Morgan, Gale Gordon, Jeff Chandler, Richard Crenna, Gloria McMillan, Leonard Smith; writer: Al Lewis.

ONE FELLA'S FAMILY: EVERYONE'S HOME FOR THANKSGIVING---From Book Cee Em Vee El Eye, Chapter Eye Ex, Page One, Bob & Ray Present The CBS Radio Network (if you gotta ask, we're not doing it right); original broadcast: 26 November 1959; writers: Bob Elliott, Ray Goulding.


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