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Friday, November 30, 2007

November's End: The Way It Is, 30 November

Put it this way: It's only 25 days to Christmas. So relax. Listen. Crunch time is on the way . . .


1943: TEENY'S MISSING DOG---This'll be one time McGee (Jim Jordan) doesn't necessarily want to brain the usually pesty Teeny (Marian Jordan, who also plays Molly), when she practically begs him to help find the dog, on tonight's edition of Fibber McGee & Molly. (NBC.)

Mr. Meyerhoff: Possibly Bill Thompson. Doc: Arthur Q. Bryan. Alice Darling: Shirley Mitchell. Mr. Wellington: Lansing Sherman. Announcer: Harlow Wilcox. Music: Billy Mills and his Orchestra, the King's Men. Writer: Don Quinn.

1951: ARCHIE INHERITS HALF A RACEHORSE---Actually, Archie (Ed Gardner) buys in on a hot tip . . . from a weighing machine, on tonight's edition of Duffy's Tavern. (NBC.)

Eddie: Eddie Green. Finnegan: Charles Cantor. Miss Duffy: Gloria Erlanger. Writers: Ed Gardner

1952: SAM IS SICK---And the household may come apart bending over to keep him comfortable, while Sam (House Jameson) chafes over Alice's (Katherine Raht) overdone protectiveness, on tonight's edition of The Aldrich Family. (NBC.)

Henry: Bobby Ellis. Homer: Jack Ryan. Mary: Mary Rolfe. Announcer: Dick Dudley. Writer: Clifford Goldsmith.


1873---Frederic William Wile (commentator: Political Situation in Washington), La Porte, Indiana.
1894---David Ogden Stewart (humourist: Lux Radio Theater), Columbus, Ohio.
1913---John K.M. McCaffrey (newscaster: The Author Meets the Critics), Moscow, Idaho.
1914---Charles Hawtrey (comedian/actor: Just William), Hounslow, Middlesex, UK.
1915---Brownie McGhee (as Walter McGhee; blues singer/guitarist: New World A'Coming; This Is Jazz), Knoxville, Tennessee.
1919---Joe Cabbibo (sound: Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar; Tennessee Jed; Counterspy), unknown.
1920---Virginia Mayo (as Virginia Clara Jones; actress: Lux Radio Theater), St. Louis.
1923--Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. (actor: Lux Radio Theater), New York City.
1926---Richard Crenna (actor: A Date With Judy; Our Miss Brooks), Los Angeles.


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