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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

"What Do Fellas On This Program Call You?": The Way It Was, 3 June

1941: BACK IN HOLLYWOOD WITH HUMPHREY BOGART---Says Humphrey Bogart, with a slight mockery of his own trademark sneer, "Just a minute, just a minute, Hope, my pals call me Bogie. What do fellas on this program call you?" Says Bob (Here's Looking At Anybody But You, Kid) Hope, after a pause so pregnant the birth would have been quadruplets: "There must be some way to answer that and still stay on the air."

Needless to say, there is. And Bogart goes forth to prove rather engaging in a comic turn, trying to show Skinnay Ennis how to handle a girl, before he and Hope have to ponder an unexpected jailbreak---their own, after they were detoured into the calaboose trying to spend a counterfeit dollar, on tonight's edition of The Pepsodent Show with Bob Hope. (NBC.)

Additional cast: Jerry Colonna, Bill Goodwin, Brenda and Cobina (Blanche Stewart, Elvia Allman). Music: Skinnay Ennis and His Orchestra, Six Hits and a Miss. Writers: Possibly Mort Lachman, Norman Panama, Al Schwartz, Sherwood Schwartz.


1935: TRYING TO NAME THE NEW THEATER---It almost figures that hiring Grandpap to be part of the operation would prove simpler than Lum (Chester Lauck) and Abner (Norris Goff) find naming their new movie theater to be, on today's edition of Lum & Abner. (.)

Writers: Chester Lauck, Norris Goff.

1945: HAVING A WONDERFUL CRIME---Pat O'Brien compresses but still romps recreating his film tour-de-force as an attorney who gets mixed up---with a pair of newlyweds (June Duprey and Tom Conway, in the Carole Landis and George Murphy film roles) who've gotten him into enough real-life hot water---in a farcical mystery at their honeymoon resort, on tonight's edition of The Old Gold Comedy Theater. (NBC.)

Host/director: Harold Lloyd. Writers: Parke Levy, Howard J. Green, from their screenplay based on a story by Craig Rice.


1901---Maurice Evans (actor: Texaco Star Theater; Keep 'Em Rolling), Dorchester, U.K.
1904---Jan Peerce (operatic tenor: Music Hall of the Air; The A&P Gypsies; The Golden Treasury of Song; The Goldbergs; The Big Show), New York City.
1905---Paulette Goddard (actress: The Cresta Blanca Players), Whitestone Landing, New York.
1906---Josephine Baker (singer: The Fleischmann's Yeast Hour), St. Louis; Brooke Temple (actor: Red Ryder), Niagara Falls.
1911---Ellen Corby (actress: Bud's Bandwagon), Racine, Wisconsin.
1916---Jack Manning (actor: Young Doctor Malone), Cincinnati.
1917---Leo Gorcey (actor, one of the Dead End Kids: Texaco Star Playhouse; Blue Ribbon Town), New York City.
1925---Tony Curtis (as Bernard Schwartz; actor: Hollywood Star Playhouse; Suspense), New York City.


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