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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Birth of Mirth: The Way It Was, 31 May

1894: IT ISN'T THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION, KIDDIES---Let the man's own recall speak for itself.

On May 31, 1894, the population of Cambridge, Massachussetts was increased by one. On that day a son was born to James Henry Sullivan and his wife Cecilia Herlihy of that city. In Irish homes in those days there was no idle talk about the stork. When babies arrived in Cambridge they were expected. Poor mothers, who could not afford the luxury of a hospital bed, had their babies at home. On the appointed day, a relative or a friendly neighbour came in to take over the housework. Then the doctor drove up in his buggy, hitched his horse, and hurried into the house with his little black bag. Some hours later, looking a mite disheveled, the doctor walked slowly out the front door and drove away in his buggy; a tiny cry was heard from within the confines of the house. A baby had been born. That was all there was to it.

On May 31, then, this performance was given; the result was John Florence Sullivan.

---John Florence Sullivan, recalling his birth, to open his second memoir, Much Ado About Me. (Boston: Atlantic Little, Brown, 1956.)

Of course, you and I and the world know him better as Fred Allen.


1942: TESTIMONIAL DINNER FOR JUDGE HOOKER---A grateful Gildersleeve (Harold Peary) wants to give Hooker (Earle Ross) a testimonial for his anniversary as a judge, after Hooker gave him an inner tube to fix his flat. Now, if only the judge can shake off a racketeers' trial and an unexpected re-election campaign twist, on tonight's edition of The Great Gildersleeve. (NBC.)

1945: DOUBLE FEATURE---Two short dramas, "Ostrich In My Bed" (cast: Wally Meyer, Mary Jane Croft) and "Report to My Relatives" (cast: Bruce Meyer) highlight tonight's edition of Arch Oboler's Plays. (Mutual.)

Writer/director: Arch Oboler.


1893---Albert Mitchell (host: The Answer Man), Elsberry, Missouri.
1898---Norman Vincent Peale (preacher: The Art of Living), Bowersville, Ohio.
1900---Hugh Studebaker (actor: Captain Midnight; Fibber McGee & Molly), Ridgeville, Tennessee.
1901---Alfredo Antonini (conductor: La Rosa Concerts; Treasure Hour of Song), Alessandra, Italy; Joe Kelly (host: National Barn Dance; The Quiz Kids), Crawfordsville, Indiana.
1903---Blanche Stewart (actress: The Bob Hope Show), Pennsylvania.
1904---Clifton Utley (newscaster: University of Chicago Round Table; Comments By Clifton Utley), Chicago.
1908---Don Ameche (as Dominic Felix Ameche; singer/actor/comedian: Jack Armstrong; Lux Radio Theater; Drene Time; The Bickersons), Kenosha, Wisconsin.
1931---Barbara Whiting (actress: Junior Miss; Meet Corliss Archer), Los Angeles.


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