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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Encouragement in Exile: The Way It Was, 24 May

1940---Exiled to England amidst the Nazi swarm of Europe, Dutch Queen Wilhelmina---who had been persuaded to hold off her intended abdication a few years earlier---speaks to her beseiged people over the BBC, a Radio Orange broadcast that becomes her weekly word of encouragement to her people throughout the war, until she is able to return to her homeland in 1945.


1950: BOXING OR MEDICINE?---Victoria (Benita Hume Colman) is astonished when Hall (Ronald Colman) favours a medical student---with hands as good in boxing gloves as in healing---pursuing a career in the ring to finance his eventual medical career, on tonight's edition of The Halls of Ivy. (NBC.)

Merriweather: Willard Waterman. Wellman: Herb Butterfield. Additional cast: Unknown. Writer: Don Quinn.

1952: BEN THOMPSON'S SALOON---Telling a small boy his father was the second Dodge killing in two months prods Matt (William Conrad) toward a saloon the man left alive---with three thousand dollars in poker winnings, on tonight's edition of Gunsmoke. (CBS.)

Chester: Parley Baer. Doc: Howard McNear. Additional cast: Georgia Ellis, Hy Averback, Jack Kruschen, Richard Fields, Ann Morrison, Herb Ellis. Writer: Herb Purdum.

1960: RETRIEVING THE INVENTION---Lawrence Fechtenberger and Buzz review the invention they've stolen from the thieving clutches of Axebottom: a device to conquer the earth by making people laugh, on today's edition of Bob & Ray Present the CBS Radio Network. (Gee, we dunno . . . )

Writers: Two guys brought to you by chocolate cookies with cream in the middle.


1878---Harry Emerson Fosdick (preacher: National Vespers), Buffalo, New York.
1883---Elsa Maxwell (socialite/pitchwoman: Suspense; Texaco Star Theater), Keokuk, Iowa.
1902---Wilbur Hatch (bandleader/conductor: Screen Guild Theater; Gateway to Hollywood; My Favourite Husband; Our Miss Brooks), Mokena, Illinois.
1907---Bill Bouchey (actor: Captain Midnight), Michigan.
1909---Howard Snyder (writer: The Jack Benny Program; Lum & Abner; That's My Pop), unknown.
1911---Lilli Palmer (actress: Lux Radio Theater), Posen, Germany.
1912---Rachel Carley (singer: Manhattan Merry-Go-Round), Brussels.
1916---Tony Barrett (actor: This Life is Mine; Pepper Young's Family), New York City.
1924---Theodore Bikel (singer/actor: Eternal Light; The CBS Radio Mystery Theater), Vienna.
1932---Elaine Malbin (singer: Serenade to America; Saturday Night with Elaine Malbin), New York City.


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