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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nothing Earthshattering . . . So Relax: The Way It Is, 17 November

Knowing of no law, written or fluid, that mandates every last day on the calendar to bear historic significance, well, sometimes all you can do is just sit back, relax, pop a cold one open, and enjoy . . .


1945: A LETTER FROM CACTUS JUNCTION---Cousin Belle's letter from back home perks Judy (Canova) into hunting football tickets: her old boyfriend, freshly discharged from the Army, has resumed his football career and is coming Judy's way, on tonight's edition of The Judy Canova Show. (NBC.)

Pedro: Mel Blanc. Aunt Aggie: Verna Felton. Geranium: Ruby Dandridge. Botsford: Joseph Kearns. Music: Pokey Case and His Orchestra, the Sports Men. Writers: Fred Fox, Henry Hoople.

1950: MR. BRADLEY'S DAMAGED HEART---Bradley's (Wills Herbert) collapse after a typically overworking day has Kildare (Lew Ayres) and Gillespie (Lionel Barrymore) hoping it's only a warning sign that he'll heed in the middle of a major job, on tonight's edition of Dr. Kildare. (Syndicated.)

Additional cast: Virginia Gregg, Georgia Ellis, Vic Perrin. Writer: Les Crutchfield.

1953: DUCK HUNTING IS SUCCESSFUL---McGee (Jim Jordan), Doc (Arthur Q. Bryan), and Herb (Parley Baer) can't wait to hit the lake shooting, assuming there are no large predators out and about, on today's edition of Fibber McGee & Molly. (NBC.)

Warden: Jess Kirkpatrick. Writer: Phil Leslie.

1953: A HEPCAT KILLS THE CANARY---His first music gig in years lures Rocky (Frank Sinatra) into a jam that threatens to become his swan song, on tonight's edition of Rocky Fortune. (NBC.)

Additional cast: Jack Kruschen, Gene Tatum, Tom Holland, Frank Gershel, Barney Phillips. Writer: George Lefferts.


1898---Quin Ryan (announcer/actor: Quin Ryan Reports; Uncle Quin; Uncle Quin's Scalawags), unknown.
1901---Ted Husing (announcer/sportscaster: Sportslants; March of Time; Radio Reader's Digest), The Bronx.
1905---Mischa Auer (actor: Mischa the Magnificent), St. Petersburg, Russia; Josef Marais (singer: African Trek; The Meredith Willson Show), Sir Lowey's Pass, South Africa.
1907---L. Sprague de Camp (writer: X Minus One; Future Tense), New York City.
1911---Jack Lescoulie (announcer/host: Grouch Club; Meet the Champions), Sacramento, California.
1916---Frank Maxwell (actor: Col. Humphrey Slack), The Bronx.
1918---Paul Crabtree (actor: Claudia and David), Pulaski, Virginia.
1925---Rock Hudson (as Roy Harold Scherer, Jr.; actor: Lux Radio Theater), Winnetka, Illinois.
1937---Peter Cook (actor: Paul Temple, Detective), Devonshire, UK.


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