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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Chime Time: The Way It Was, 15 November

1926---Just months after its purchase of WEAF (New York), WCAP (Washington), and the AT&T programming network, and merging of the three with WJZ (New York) and WRC (Washington) forms it in the first place---on co-parents' General Electric and Westinghouse's counsel that delivering content as well as making the radios would expand profitability---the Radio Corporation of America launches the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) on the air as a national radio network.

The premiere NBC lineup: a four-hour extravaganza featuring the New York Symphony, soprano Mary Garden, humourist Will Rogers, vaudeville stars Weber and Fields, the Vincent Lopez Orchestra and other dance bands.


1936: BUCK BENNY RIDES AGAIN---After trying to pick up where he left off the week before due to a time constrant, and celebrating singer Kenny Baker's first anniversary on the show, Jack (Benny) launches his periodic lancings of Western cliches, destined to become a so-so film but a radio comedy vintage, on tonight's edition of The Jell-O Program Starring Jack Benny. (NBC.)

Cast: Mary Livingstone, Don Wilson. Music: Phil Harris and His Orchestra, Kenny Baker. Writers: Ed Beloin, Bill Morrow, Al Boasberg, possibly Sam Perrin.

1945: THE KATZ WITH NINE LIVES---After enjoying a football game, Britt (Bob Hall) bumps into an old fraternity brother who's keeping dangerous new hit-and-run company---who rig road accidents and blackmail victimised drivers, on today's edition of The Green Hornet. (ABC.)

Axford: Gil Shea. Kato: Rollon Parker. Lenore Case: Lee Allman. Additional cast: Unknown. Writer: Fran Striker.

1951: AN INTERVIEW WITH DON QUINN---The former Fibber McGee & Molly mastermind/writer discusses his creation and writing of sophisticated comedy of manners The Halls of Ivy, and his career as a whole, in an interview from Hawaii with Owen Cunningham. (NBC.)

1953: LIZ FIGHTS A TRAFFIC TICKET---Wringing out the hitches in a client's (Fran Carlin) divorce may prove child's play for Ben (Hume Cronyn) compared to dodging Liz's (Jessica Tandy) jealousy---or resolving her near-miss auto accident, on tonight's edition of The Marriage. (NBC.)

Additional cast: William Zuckert, Edith Gretchen, Abby Lewis. Writer: Ernest Kinoy.


1879---Lewis Stone (actor: The Hardy Family), Worcester, Massachussetts.
1881---Franklin P. Adams (panelist: Information, Please), Chicago.
1919---Carol Bruce (singer: The Ben Bernie Orchestra; Carton of Cheer), Great Neck, New York.
1923---Robert Barron (actor: Jack Armstrong), New York City.
1925---Gordon Hinkley (announcer/host: Ask Your Neighbour; Invitation to Beauty; Hot Shots), Port Edwards, Wisconsin.
1932---Petula Clark (singer: Vanity Bandbox; Guard Session), Epsom, Surrey, UK.


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