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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Senators on the Spot: The Way It Was, 8 November

1943: B1H1---Half of the U.S. Senate's legendary "B2H2" quartet, who earn the nickname when they sponsor a bill (also given the same nickname) pressing for American participation what would become in due course the United Nations, gets a chance to sit on the spot with a legendary old-time radio brain panel today.

Sens. J. Lister Hill (D-Alabama) and Joseph H. Ball (R-Minnesota) join panelists John F. Keiran (sportswriter, The New York Times, credited with coining "grand slam" as a tennis term) and Franklin P. Adams (retired longtime newspaper columnist, whose doggerel about B2H2---Sens. Harold Burton [D-Ohio] and Carl Hatch [D-New Mexico] completed the quartet---is read on the air) for tonight's edition of Information, Please. (NBC.)

Moderator: Clifton Fadiman. Announcer: Ben Grauer.


1945: THE HORNET DROPS A HINT---A suave, usually cunning gangster, freed from prison, has an intriguing proposition to ponder that might help him get even with the Hornet (Bob Hall), who helped imprison him in the first place, on today's edition of The Green Hornet. (ABC.)

Britt Reid/Green Hornet: Bob Hall. Kato: Rolland Parker. Lenore Case: Lee Allman. Axford: Gil Shea. Additional cast: Unknown. Writer: Fran Striker.

1948: THE WORKHORSE---Overloaded with work preparing the mid-term exams is nothing for Connie (Eve Arden)---compared to being overloaded with suggestions for hobbies, on tonight's edition of Our Miss Brooks. (CBS.)

Mrs. Davis: Jane Morgan. Walter: Richard Crenna. Conklin: Gale Gordon. Boynton: Jeff Chandler. Harriet: Gloria McMillan. Writer: Al Lewis.

1953: BEN'S SHADY CLIENT---Ben's (Hume Cronyn) law firm may not be too colourful, but neither are they immune to the occasionally dubious client---even if he means big business for the firm---that makes a man stare vacantly during dinner, on tonight's edition of The Marriage. (NBC.)

Liz: Jessica Tandy. Emily: Denise Alexander. Barney: Larry King. Jake: Ed Begley. Additional cast: Ed Lattimer, Ann Thomas. Writer: Ernest Kinoy.

1953: THE CAPTURE OF STACY GAULT---Locals are alarmed because outlaw Stacy Gault is rumoured coming to town, and Ponset (James Stewart---yes, ladies and gentlemen, that James Stewart) is alarmed when they want to string up a loner who just so happens to hit town at the hysteria's beginning, on tonight's edition of The Six Shooter. (NBC.)

Additional cast: Eleanor Audley, Parley Baer, Forrest Lewis, Barney Phillips. Writer: Frank Burt.


1899---Edmund (Tiny) Ruffner (announcer: Show Boat; Captain Diamond's Adventure; The Better Half), Crawfordsville, Indiana.
1909---Scotty Wiseman (singer, with Lulu Belle and Scotty: National Barn Dance; Boone County Jamboree), Ingalls, North Carolina.
1913---Robert Strauss (actor: The Adventures of Ellery Queen; Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch), New York City.
1914---Norman Lloyd (actor: Columbia Presents Corwin; Words at War), Jersey City.
1916---June Havoc (as Ellen Evangeline Hovick; actress: The Adventures of Sam Spade; Theater Guild On the Air), Vancouver, British Columbia; Norman MacDonnell (producer/director: Gunsmoke), Pasadena.
1921---Jerome Hines (singer: The Standard Hour; The Voice of Firestone), Hollywood.
1927---Patti Page (as Clara Ann Fowler; singer: One Night Stand; The Bing Crosby Show; Your Rhythm Revue), Claremore, Oklahoma.
1931---Darla Hood (actress: The Jack Benny Program; Bud's Bandwagon), Leedey, Oklahoma.


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