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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Time Waits For No One: The Way It Was, 15 September

With the always-unseen Duffy back from his vacation and legendary crooner/bandleader/impresario Rudy Vallee returning to radio, Archie (Ed Gardner) has another one of his brilliant ideas---getting Vallee to do one of his shows live from the dive, even if neither Duffy nor Archie are big fans, necessarily.

"But what's our opinion against that of a million stupid dames?" asks Archie with his customary cultivation.

And what's their idea against the actuality of convincing Vallee to do the show from the dive---an actuality both Eddie (Eddie Green) and Finnegan (Charles Cantor) seem aware of---before Archie gets a clue, as usual, even if Vallee deigns to regale the denizens with a rendition of "Time Waits for No One."

Miss Duffy: Florence Halop. Announcer: John Reed King. Music: Marty Malneck Orchestra. Writers: Ed Gardner, Abe Burrows.


THE JUDY CANOVA SHOW: AN EXCLUSIVE PLACE IN BRENTWOOD (NBC, 1945)---Judy (Canova) can't wait to hit a rather exclusive picnic with Benchley (Joseph Kearns) after returning from her summer in Cactus Junction, Aunt Aggie (Verna Felton) can't wait to talk her out of bringing pork chops to a do that would sooner require a more elegant dish, Geranium (Ruby Dandridge) crows over a letter from her boyfriend at war, Pedro (Mel Blanc) frets over a failed elopement attempt, and Judy has to fend off a society rival who thinks she's worthier of Benchley than Judy is. Announcer: Verne Smith. Music: Opie Cates Orchestra, the Sports Men. Writers: Fred Fox, Henry Hoople.

BOB & RAY PRESENT THE CBS RADIO NETWORK: LEONARD BURNSIDE (WAIT, DON'T TELL US! 1959)---The iminent conductor/composer (Bob Elliott) analyses American crooning, before giving way to a brief analysis of current education mysteries with an extinguished professor (Ray Goulding). Writers/improvisors: Bob Elliott, Ray Goulding.


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