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Friday, August 28, 2009

Beauty is Only Under Their Skin: The Way It Was, 28 August

With Seymour (Arnold Stang) and his sister Birdie (possibly Florence Halop) well enough entrenched, spending every day at the Goldberg home,trying to settle their dispute over Seymour's interest in Rosalie (Roslyn Siber), oblivious to the world around them, even within the square footage of the Goldberg home, no wonder Jake (John R. Waters) is just about ready to declare the home a no-trespass area.

The fact that Birdie rather nonchalantly ate Jake's lunch is a mere footnote.

And he may or may not be the only one beginning to feel that way, now that Bertie is dropping another contentious idea upon the Fingerhoods' hosts---buying a trailer in which to set up a rolling beauty parlour (almost as though they'd been listening to reruns of Lum & Abner), in the middle of which Molly (Gertrude Berg) tries persuading Rosalie it's no one else's concern, then fields yet another distressing call from Jake at the office, asking Molly to usher one and all not named Goldberg out of the house before he can sit down to his chosen dinner in peace.

Writer/director: Gertrude Berg.


LUM & ABNER: LUM DECIDES TO BUY A TRAILER FOR AN OFFICE (NBC BLUE, 1935)---After all, the big cheese (Chester Lauck) of a major silver mine just can't be caught encamped in the rear end of a blacksmith shop or a rolling grocery and general store, can he? Even if his ultimate aim might be to sell the mine? Abner: Norris Goff. Writers: Chester Lauck, Norris Goff.

THE SHADOW: THE TOMB OF TERROR (MUTUAL, 1938)---Having discovered something other than the eyes of the mummy as the likely killer of three who arranged the visit of an Egyptian pharaoh's tomb, Margot (Agnes Moorehead) and Lamont (Orson Welles) can't convince others tied to the tomb that it wasn't a curse but murder. Additional cast: Unknown. Announcer: Arthur Whiteside. Director: Martin Gabel. Writers: Edith Meiser, possibly Harry Engman Charlot, possibly Jerry Devine and Sidney Slon.


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