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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some Help: The Way It Was, 20 May

It's coming from Earl Dixon, opening up the new Easy Ridin' Taxicab Company right across the street from Amos (Freeman Gosden) and Andy's (Charles Correll) Fresh Aire operation, and promising his business will help their business---right out of business, so far as Andy's concerned.

Writers: Freeman Gosden, Charles Correll.


THE OLD GOLD COMEDY THEATER: BOY MEETS GIRL (NBC, 1946)---A pregnant waitress (Ann Sothern) at a struggling film studio inspires two lazy screenwriters (Chester Morris, Lee Tracy) to make the baby the star. Adapted from the Spewack/Spewack screenplay and 1938 film. Host/director: Harold Lloyd.

KRAFT MUSIC HALL: LEAVING NEW YORK (NBC, 1948)---You might think freewheeling, irreverent, cantankerous Henry Morgan a bit of a mismatch for cantankerous Al Jolson, even with Oscar Levant among the evening's cast (and joining the needling in a charming parody of Morgan's second banana Arnold Stang, among other things), but we'll let you listen yourself. Additional cast: Don Wilson. Music: Lou Pring and his Orchestra and Chorus. Writers: Unknown.

1899---Virginia Sale (actress: Those We Love), Urbana, Illinois.
1899---Stan Lomax (sportscaster: Evening Journal Sports), Pittsburgh.
1906---Lyda Roberti (actress/singer: numerous radio appearances), Warsaw.
1908---James Stewart (actor: Lux Radio Theater; We Hold These Truths), Pennsylvania.
1909---Jerry Hausner (actor: Silver Theater; Lum & Abner), Cleveland.
1911---Vet Boswell (singer, with the Boswell Sisters: The Boswell Sisters; The Woodbury Soap Show), Birmingham, Alabama.
1920---George Gobel (comedian/actor: Tom Mix; National Barn Dance), Chicago.
1936---Anthony Zerbe (actor: Earplay), Long Beach, California.


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