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Friday, April 17, 2009

So What's In a Name? The Way It Was, 17 April

Betty (Ethel Blume) says "Sheila"; Carl, apparently, says "Susan"; and, Jane (Ace), as usual, says a mouthful, after allowing Betty to stay with the Aces until the whole megillah blows over.

Ace: Goodman Ace. Marge: Mary Hunter. Announcer: Ford Bond. Writer/director: Goodman Ace.


BOX 13: SEALED INSTRUCTIONS (MUTUAL, 1949)---A proposition promising Dan (Alan Ladd) ten thousand dollars "if you'll go through with it" brings him to an uneasy correspondent, a sealed envelope, a trip to the Philippines to retrieve an unnamed valuable, a phony Manila police lieutenant might have killed to keep Dan from retrieving for him, a troubling revelation about his original correspondent, and half a mysterious map. Suzy: Sylvia Packer. Additional cast: Possibly Alan Reed, Luis Van Rooten, John Beal. Announcer: Vern Cartensen. Writer: Charles Gannett.

THE PHIL HARRIS-ALICE FAYE SHOW: DINNER FOR TEACHER (NBC, 1949)---More accurately, for principal---the children's principal (possibly Elvia Allman), whom Alice (Faye) invited for Easter dinner, making her nervous about randy Remley (Elliott Lewis) making hash of the evening . . . until everyone gets a taste of the principal's haughty manner and her badly browbeaten husband. Phil: Phil Harris. Phyllis: Anne Whitfield. Little Alice: Jeanine Roos. Willie: Robert North. Julius: Walter Tetley. Announcer: Bill Forman. Writers: Ray Singer, Dick Chevillat.

OUR MISS BROOKS: PSEUDO MAGAZINE ARTICLES (CBS; REBROADCAST: AFRTS, 1955)---Ducking Conklin's (Gale Gordon) wrath for moonlighting at all, never mind writing magazine articles on the side, is child's play compared to the dilemna Connie (Eve Arden) faces now: she wrote fictitiously as the mother of one of the legendary Quiz Kids . . . and her editor is coming to town to verify the story before paying her. Mrs. Davis: Jane Morgan. Harriet: Gloria McMillan. Boynton: Jeff Chandler. Walter: Richard Crenna. Writers: Arthur Alberg, Lou Derman.


1898---Howard Claney (announcer: American Album of Familiar Music, NBC Symphony), Pittsburgh.
1903---Gregor Piatigorski (cellist, Pittsburgh Symphony: The Pause that Refreshes On the Air), Yekaterinoslav, Russia.
1905---Arthur Lake (actor: Blondie), Corbin, Kentucky.
1910---Ivan Goff (writer: Lux Radio Theater), Perth, Australia.
1911---George Seaton (actor: The Lone Ranger, Screen Director's Playhouse), South Bend, Indiana.
1918---John Hess (writer: The Human Adventure), Chicago; William Holden (actor: Hour of Mystery, The Smiths of Hollywood, So Proudly We Hail), O'Fallon, Illinois; Anne Shirley (actress: Lux Radio Theater), New York City.
1923---Harry Reasoner (CBS News), Dakota City, Iowa.


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