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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Talking Dead: The Way It Was, 14 April

An anthropologist (possibly Sidney Ellstrom) may take a little too much pride in his otherwise well-received film and specimens of an unusual Brazilian headhunting tribe for his own good . . . particularly after specimens of the tribe's gift for shrinkage, displayed only too vividly, begin talking to him.

Additional cast: Unidentified, but possibly Ted Maxwell, Raymond Edward Johnson, Templeton Fox. Announcer: Marvin Miller. Writer: Arch Oboler.


1945: A SIMPLE FUNERAL FOR A COMPLEX PRESIDENT---A nation pauses for the funeral of its most old-time radio-friendly President.

"IT WAS THAT SIMPLE" (CBS)---Franklin D. Roosevelt apparently asked for, and received, a simple funeral . . . even with a phalanx of flowers in the East Room of the White House that contravened a reported request from Eleanor Roosevelt. Ray Henley and Carlton Smith give a simple report.

REPORT TO THE NATION: "THIS IS A SOLEMN HOUR IN AMERICAN HISTORY" (CBS)---Between the funeral and the final journey to Hyde Park, including Charles Collingwood (from Paris, reporting on American GIs' reaction to Roosevelt's death), Frederick March (no known relation to the actor), and John Daly (who covered the White House for part of the Roosevelt Administration), the third analysing particularly the President's reputed personal touch and the the exhausted final months of his life.


THE WHISTLER: MAID OF HONOUR (CBS, 1947)---Radio actress Elaine Brand (Lurene Tuttle) has to convince the sister of the bride to stand as maid of honour despite her disapproval of the groom-to-be . . . before she learns the bride is dead. Margaret: Mary Lansing. The Whistler: Bill Forman. Announcer: Marvin Miller. Writer: Brian Thorn. Sound: Bernard Surrey, Gene Twombly.

THE ALDRICH FAMILY: HENRY THE SHORTSTOP (NBC, 1949)---Alice (Katherine Raht) and Sam (House Jameson) think the good news is Henry (Ezra Stone) bagging the highest grade on the history exam, but Henry has other ideas about what makes good news. Homer: Jackie Kelk. Kathleen: Jean Gillespie. Agnes: Judith Abbott. Willie: Norman Tokar. Mr. Bradley: Bernard Lenrow. Writers: Norman Tokar, Ed Jurist. Sound: Bill Brinkmeyer.


1904---Sir John Gielgud (actor: Sherlock Holmes, Theater Guild On the Air), London.
1913---John Howard (actor: Lux Radio Theater, Hollywood Hotel), Cleveland.
1914---John Hubbard (actor: The Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show), East Chicago.
1917---Valerie Hobson (actress/contestant: One Minute Please), Larne, Ireland.


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