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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Battle of the Sexes? The Way It Was, 10 January

1942: HONEY, PUT 'EM UP!---The Better Half, a quiz show pitting husbands and wives against each other, with the loser paying a penalty of sorts, premieres on Mutual Broadcasting System.

At least five installments of The Better Half will survive for listening by future old-time radio enthusiasts, from 2 and 16 April 1946 (pitting couples named Doyle and Ahwell against themselves, respectively), 30 October 1946 (squaring off a couple named Fleishman), and an unknown-date show squaring off a couple named Horn.


1943: FIBBER AND MOLLY VISIT---The last thing Gildersleeve needs is visiting old neighbour Fibber McGee (Jim Jordan) discovering his engagement by mistake at the drugstore before he's ready to announce it formally, on tonight's edition of The Great Gildersleeve. (NBC.)

Molly: Marian Jordan. Marjorie: Lurene Tuttle. Leroy: Walter Tetley. Peavey: Richard LeGrand. Leila: Shirley Mitchell. Hooker: Earle Ross. Writers: John Whedon, Sam Moore.

1944: THE DINING ROOM TABLE---It may be the last place you want to be unless you're in it for the laughs, on tonight's edition of It Pays To Be Ignorant. (CBS.)

Panel: Harry McNaughton, Lulu McConnell, George Shelton. Host: Tom Howard. Announcer: Ken Roberts. Writers: Tom Howard, Ruth Howell.

1948: THE KANDY TOOTH---In the second of a short series of hourlong installments, Sam Spade himself (Howard Duff) recalls a case beginning in the wee small hours---where he calls from jail launching a case involving, apparently, a hidden Buddhist relic, on tonight's edition of Suspense. (CBS.)

Effie Perini: Lurene Tuttle. Additional cast: Joseph Kearns, Cathy Lewis, Wally Mayer, Jay Novello, Kenneth Nolan, Jack Edwards Jr., Hans Conreid, Joseph Cotten. Host: Robert Montgomery. Writers: Bob Tallman, Jason James.


1883---Francis X. Bushman (actor: Betty and Bob; Kay Fairchild, Stepmother), Norfolk, Virginia.
1904---Ray Bolger (singer/dancer: The Ray Bolger Show), Dorchester, Massashussetts.
1908---Paul Henreid (actor: Suspense; Lux Radio Theater), Trieste.
1914---Polly Bowles (actress: Lone Journey), Philadelphia.
1916---Don Gardiner (newscaster: Monday Morning Headlines; announcer: Gangbusters; Counterspy), unknown.
1927---Giselle MacKenzie (singer: The F.W. Woolworth Hour; The Mario Lanza Show; Club 15; Meet Giselle), Winnipeg, Manitoba.


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