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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Shock Heard 'Round The U.S.: The Way It Was, 30 October

1938: THE INVADERS---Hear for yourself, decide for yourself, precisely what it was all about when Orson Welles's landmark adaptation of The War of the Worlds, for Mercury Theater On the Air, was performed on CBS.


1938: TRYING TO FIGURE OUT CHARLIE---Judy Canova isn't exactly alone in being unable to figure out the wherefore of McCarthy, with whom she wouldn't mind binding, and that's just for openers on tonight's edition of The Chase & Sanborn Hour. (NBC.)

Host: Don Ameche. Additional cast: Edgar Bergen, Dorothy Lamour, Robert Armbruster. Music: Nelson Eddy, Ray Noble and His Orchestra. Writers: Possibly Alan Smith, Joe Connelly, Bob Mosher, Royal Foster.

1947: LEON---Fake seances are bad enough without a seer's assistant trying to keep them up after the faker is dead, on tonight's edition of The Clock. (ABC.)

Gertrude: Jane Soho. Knobby: Ken Lane. The Clock: Hart McGuire. Additional cast: Kevin Brennan, Rodney Jacobs. Writer: Lawrence Klee.


1879---Eily Malyon (actress: Tarzan), London.
1896---Ruth Gordon (as Ruth Gordon Jones; actress: Lincoln Highway; Meet Mr. Weeks; The Orson Welles Theater), Wollaston, Massachussetts.
1908---Patsy Montana (as Ruby Blevins; country singer/yodeler: The WLS Barn Dance), Hot Springs, Arkansas.
1910---Francia White (singer: Palmoliva Beauty Box Theater; The Fred Astaire Show; The Bell Telephone Hour), Greenville, Texas.
1914---Ruth Hussey (actress: Lux Radio Theater), Providence, Rhode Island.
1915---Fred W. Friendly (writer/director: Hear It Now; Who Said That?; The Quick and the Dead), New York City.
1918---Joan Banks (actress: Gangbusters; Portia Faces Life; Today's Children; Blue Playhouse; Bringing Up Father; By Kathleen Norris; Deadline Drama; Editor's Daughter), New York City.
1923---Herschel Bernardi (actor: Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar), New York City.
1939---Sammy Ogg (actor: Red Ryder; Beulah), Lexington, Virginia.


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