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Monday, May 28, 2007

The Doctor is In?: The Way It Was, 28 May

1962---As the patient of old-time radio became only a matter of time before the last rites were to be administered absolutely, quietly genial Chris Schenkel---whose broadcasting career began in radio, at Purdue University's WBAA, while he was a pre-medical student---brought a weekly sports report to CBS radio . . . three years before ABC would hire him away as a play-by-play jack-of-all-trades who became famous especially as the almost eternal anchor and commentator for the network's coverage of the Professional Bowlers' Association.


1935: LUM RETURNS---Even Lum (Chester Lauck) has to get over the fact that nobody really wanted to see his statue unveiled, and Abner (Norris Goff) is relieved to learn he's returned alive---and Grandpap (also Chester Lauck) is relieved to be able to tell the boys to quit dragging the mill pond, after all, on today's edition of Lum & Abner. (NBC.)

Writers: Chester Lauck, Norris Goff.

1947: THE MORGAN VACATION TRAVEL BUREAU---The public service of making vacation planning---"when people try to find some quaint little place where they can live beyond their means"---a little more simple isn't exactly that simple, all things considered, on tonight's edition of The Henry Morgan Show. (ABC.)

Additional cast: Arnold Stang, Florence Halop. Music: Bernie Green and His Orchestra. Writers: Henry Morgan, Joe Stein, Aaron Ruben, Carroll Moore Jr.

1949: IN THE HOUSE WHERE I WAS BORN---Repeating an episode of 24 May 1948, a man (Ernest Chappell, who narrates) who returns to his childhood home annually is haunted enough by his memories to make a fateful decision about his annual visits, on tonight's edition of Quiet, Please. (ABC.)

Additional cast: Betty Wragge, Cecil Roy, Lotte Stavisky, J. Pat O'Malley. Writer/director: Wyllis Cooper.


1899---Richard Lane (actor: Boston Blackie), Rice Lake, Wisconsin.
1902---Little Jack Little (bandleader/singer: The Little Jack Little Show), London.
1906---Phil (The Singing Cop) Regan (singer: The Burns & Allen Show), Brooklyn.
1912---Violet Dunn (actress: The O'Neills), unknown; Tom Scott (singer/composer: The American School of the Air; The Golden Gate Quartet Sings), unknown.
1918---Johnny Wayne (comedian: The Army Show; The March of Time), Toronto.
1922---Scott McCay (actor: Barry Cameron), Pleasantville, Iowa.


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