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Monday, May 14, 2007

Break's Over: The Way It Was, 11-14 May

That was a decent enough rest period. Now, back to business.


13 MAY 1945: CELEBRATING IN EUROPE, PRESSING ON IN THE PACIFIC---Robert Trout anchors a CBS World News Today report addressing continuing celebrations of the end of the war in Europe, progress in the war in the Pacific, and rumours that former S.S. commander in chief Heinrich Himmler had been seized.


14 MAY 1976---World-girdling broadcaster Lowell Thomas ends forty-six years on radio with his final broadcast, fifteen months after the death of his first wife.

14 MAY 2006---One-time old-time radio singer (with the Honey Dreamers), but known best as the third and final Clarabell on television's Howdy Doody, Lew Anderson dies at age 86 of complications from prostate cancer at his Hawthorne, New York home.


11 MAY 1941: COME ON, GANG, LET'S TAKE THIS OUT---Lena Horne and Erskine Butterfield and a little dip into the blues are the highlights on tonight's edition of Cats and Jammers. (Mutual.)

12 MAY 1948: EARLY GOLF---Assuming Ethel (Peg Lynch) can wake him at all, that's why Albert (Alan Bunce) wanted to get up early in the first place, until half a sleepless night, anyway, on tonight's edition of Ethel & Albert. (ABC.)

Suzy: Madeleine Pierce. Aunt Eva: Margaret Hamilton. Writer: Peg Lynch.

13 MAY 1941: JANE SMASHES THE CAR---With two marital separations---both tied to Betty (Ethel Blume)'s leaving Carl (unknown) over their baby's name---and with Jane (Ace) trying to make profits by buying and selling her own furniture at auction, (Goodman) Ace borrows Carl's car to go back to the house, Jane has to back Betty's car out before she can take Ace's car to the Neff apartment, and they all end up a smash hit, on tonight's edition of Easy Aces. (CBS.)

Marge: Mary Hunter. Writer: Goodman Ace.

14 MAY 1946: CHECK AND DOUBLE CHECK---It isn't Amos 'n' Andy, kiddies---it's an apparent check-kiting scheme hitting the Sentinel itself, after Reid (Bob Hall) discovers forged checks written on the Sentinel payroll accounts, on today's edition of The Green Hornet. (ABC.)

Miss Case: Lee Allman. Axford: Gil Shea. Kato: Rollon Parker. Writer: Fran Striker.


11 MAY

1892---Dame Margaret Rutherford (actress: The Wisdom of Miss Marple; Theater Guild On the Air), London.
1899---Forrest Lewis (actor: The Great Gildersleeve; Vic & Sade), Knightstown, Indiana.
1907---Kent Taylor (actor: Hollywood Hotel), Nashua, Iowa.
1911---Phil Silvers (as Philip Silver; comedian/actor: Screen Guild Theater; Suspense), Brooklyn; Doodles Weaver (as Winstead Sheffield Weaver; comedian: The Spike Jones Show), Los Angeles.
1912---Foster Brooks (announcer/comedian: Melody, Incorporated; The Foster Brooks Show), Louisville.
1930---Marilyn King (singer, with the King Sisters: Horace Heidt and His Brigadiers; Kay Kyser's Kollege of Musical Knowledge), Salt Lake City.

12 MAY

1892---John Barclay (singer/actor: Palmolive Beauty Box Theater; The Guiding Light), Blethlingly, Surrey, U.K.
1894---Leora Thatcher (actress: The Right to Happiness), Logan Utah.
1901---Whitey Ford (as Benjamin Francis Ford; comedian, "The Duke of Paducah": Grand Ole Opry; Plantation Party), De Soto, Missouri (not to be confused with baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Whitey Ford, born in New York City as Edward Charles Ford); Scrappy Lambert (as Harold Lambert; singer, The Smith Brothers: Trade and Mark; Town Hall Tonight), New Brunswick.
1902---Philip Wylie (writer: This is War; The Sportsman's Club; Tomorrow; Lux Radio Theater), Beverly, Massachussetts.
1907---Katharine Hepburn (actress: Lux Radio Theater), Hartford, Connecticut.
1910---Gordon Jenkins (conductor/arranger/composer: Everythign for the Boys; The Bob Burns Show), Webster Groves, Missouri.
1914---Howard K. Smith (news reporter/anchor/commentator: CBS World News Today; CBS World News Roundup; Howard K. Smith News), Ferriday, Louisiana.
1924---Tony Hancock (comedian: Hancock's Half Hour), Birmingham, U.K.
1927---Suzanne Dalbert (actress: Command Performance; George Fisher Interviews the Stars), Paris.

13 MAY

1902---David Broekman (conductor: Mobil Magazine; Texaco Star Theater), Leiden, Netherlands.
1907---Dame Daphne du Maurier (writer: Campbell's Playhouse; Matinee Theater; Romance; Escape), London.
1909---Ken Darby (singer/conductor, with the King's Men: Fibber McGee & Molly), Hebron, Nebraska.
1912---Helen Craig (actress: Crime Does Not Pay), San Antonio, Texas.
1914---Joe Louis (heavyweight boxing champion: The Fleischmann's Yeast Hour; Freedom's People; The Fred Allen Show), Lafayette, Alabama.

14 MAY

1885---Otto Klemperer (conductor: The George Gershwin Memorial Program), Breslau, Germany.
1890---Carlton Brickert (actor: The Story of Mary Marlin; Thurston the Magician; announcer: Lum & Abner), Martinsville, Indiana.
1898---Zutty Singleton (drummer: Radio Almanac; Just Jazz; BBC Jazz Session), Bunkie, Louisiana.
1905---Herb Morrison (news reporter, and the man whose spot report of the Hindenburg disaster remains internationally famous; also: Call to Arms; The Good Ole Days of Radio), unknown.
1910---B.S. Pully (comedian: Command Performance; Mail Call), Newark, New Jersey; Paul Sutton (actor: Challenge of the Yukon), Albuquerque, New Mexico.
1919---Liberace (as Wladziu Valentino Liberace; pianist/vocalist: Stars for Defence), West Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
1925---Patrice Munsel (singer: Prudential Family Hour; The Voice of Firestone; The Big Show), Spokane, Washington.
1926---Eric Morecambe (comedian, longtime partner of Ernie Wise: The Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise Radio Show), Lancashire, U.K.


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