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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Marriage of Andrew H. Brown? The Way It Was, 3 April

1939---The perennial bachelor has come close to the proverbial altar often enough, and his talent for eluding it when it comes into sight has gotten him into at least one of old-time radio's more ticklish (and widely heard) legal situations. But it looks as though Walida Green (possibly Madaline Lee) has him ready to be at the altar at last.

The evidence: a full church rehearsal the night before, elaborate canopy and carpet from stone sidewalk to church steps set, the ushers seating the guests who include a few of the groom's past paramours, best man Amos (Freeman Gosden) securing the ring, the Kingfish (also Gosden) agreeing to give away the bride, a very nervous Andy (Charles Correll) receiving instructions from his best man . . . and a curious disclosure from the Kingfish as to the bride's pre-nuptial doings . . .

Then Amos escorts Andy to the altar as the bridal procession begins and the ceremony begins. It's the end of the ceremony, however, that carries an unexpected bang---but just what caliber is for you to find out, on tonight's edition of Amos 'n' Andy. (CBS.)

Writers: Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll. Announcer: Bill Hay. (Note: This is one of the few surviving editions of the original fifteen-minute serial comedy-drama to remain completely intact, including opening and closing theme music and Campbell's Soup commercials, and with above-average sound quality.)


1940: TILL THE COWS COME HOME---Gracie (Allen) is full swing into her presidential racie . . . kvetching about Congress's rules on campaign spending limits ("Three million dollars for a campaign fund---why, they spend more than that to run the government!") . . . and this is the woman who once dropped ten thousand dollars on tips at a convention ("It was a Shriner's convention and I thought they were redcaps") and thinks the cows will tell her everything, on tonight's edition of The Hinds Honey and Almond Cream Program with George Burns and Gracie Allen. (CBS.)

Cast: Frank Parker, Truman Bradley. Music: Ray Noble Orchestra. Writers: Keith Fowler, Frank Galen, Paul Henning, George Burns.

1948: THE CIGARETTE SLOGAN---In my office, I'm known as the idea man. Every time Mr. Norris catches me lounging around, he says, "What's the idea?" He doesn't know I do my important thinking when I'm lounging. And (Goodman) Ace finds out the hard way that his clever idea for a cigarette ad campaign---on NO SMOKING signs, no less---was swiped right out from under him by brother-in-law Paul (Leon Janney), who lives by his wits which is living by half, on tonight's edition of mr. ace and JANE. (CBS.)

Jane: Jane Ace. Norris: Eric Dressler. Sally: Florence Robinson. Ken: Ken Roberts. Writer: Goodman Ace.

1955: JOURNEY TO THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH---After descending to The Vault for a little spending money (!) for a night on the town, Jack (Benny) invites trusty vault guard Ed (Mel Blanc) to come up and see a bit of home and the world. The kicker: Ed probably hasn't seen the surface world since the McKinley Administration, and it's just a bit more than Ed can handle, on a day when Jack has to help Rochester (Eddie Anderson) finish his income tax return and handle Dennis (Day)'s suicide threat, on tonight's edition of The Jack Benny Program. (CBS.)

Don: Don Wilson. Missing Persons Clerk: Frank Nelson. Music: The Sportsmen. Writers: George Balzer, Milt Josefsberg, Nat Perrin, John Tackaberry.


1893---Leslie Howard (actor: Leslie Howard Theater, Streamlined Shakespeare), London.
1894---Dooley Wilson (as Arthur Wilson; actor: Theater of Romance, New World A-Coming, Jubilee), Tyler, Texas.
1898---George Jessel (comedian: Town Hall Tonight, Texaco Star Theater, Command Performance, The Fred Allen Show, The Big Show), New York City.
1904---Peter van Steeden (bandleader: Town Hall Tonight, Duffy's Tavern, Mr. District Attorney), Amsterdam.
1906---Iron Eyes Cody (as Esper de Corti; actor: Straight Arrow Pow-Wow), Kaplan, Louisiana.
1919---Miyoshi Umeki (singer/actress, numerous Japanese radio programs), Otaru, Hokiaido.
1921---Jan Sterling (as Jan Sterling Adriance; actress: Screen Director's Playhouse), New York City.
1924---Doris Day (as Doris Mary Ann von Kappelhoff; singer/actress: Your Hit Parade, The Bob Hope Show), Cincinnati.
1925---Jan Merlin (actor: Tom Corbett, Space Cadet), New York City.


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