Jeff Kallman's excellent The Easy Ace: A Journal of Classic Radio
is a wonderful place to spend hours on end, rediscovering the Golden Age of Radio
as it's meant to be discovered and celebrated. Article after article
is filled with a wonderful new vignette about Golden Age Radio History.
---The Digital Deli Online.

[I]n his matchless on-this-day approach to chronicling “yesteryear,”
he easily aces out a less organized mind like mine,
which promptly lapsed into a more idiosyncratic mode of relating the past.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

I Don't Know What This Has To Do With Classic Radio, But . . .

Somewhere in the middle of a rather arduous week, enough to have kept me from my regular musings, I couldn't shake off a thought. Since the 2000 elections, and the long-familiar map of red and blue states, areas thought to be Republican strongholds are known as Red areas and areas thought to be Democratic strongholds are known as Blue areas. What a difference fiftysomething years makes. Republicans have gone from believing better dead than Red to better Red than dead. And the Democrats, Capitol Hill majority on the threshold of being sworn in, seem bent enough on inspiring enough of us to start singing the blues. Or, swearing a blue streak.

This has been a none-too-special bulletin from the newsroom of WARP. We return you now to your regularly-scheduled deprogramming.


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