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Friday, April 03, 2009

The Marriage? Of Andrew H. Brown? The Way It Was, 3 April

The perennial bachelor (Charles Correll) has come close to the proverbial altar often enough . . . and his talent for eluding it when it comes into sight has gotten him into at least one of old-time radio's more ticklish (and widely heard) legal situations, but it looks as though Walida Green (possibly Madaline Lee) has him ready to say he do at last.

The evidence: a full church rehearsal the night before; an elaborate canopy and carpet from stone sidewalk to church steps set; the ushers seating the guests, who include a few of the groom's past paramours; best man Amos (Freeman Gosden) securing the ring; the Kingfish (also Gosden) agreeing to give away something---the bride; a very nervous Andy receiving instructions from his best man; and, a very curious disclosure from the Kingfish as to the bride's pre-nuptial doings . . .

Then Amos escorts Andy to the altar as the bridal procession begins and the ceremony begins; however, it'll be the end of the ceremony that carries the unexpected bang---but the precise calibre is for you to learn.

Writers: Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll. Announcer: Bill Hay.

(Note: This is one of the few surviving editions of the original fifteen-minute serial comedy-drama to remain completely intact, including opening and closing theme music and Campbell's Soup commercials, and with above-average sound quality.)


THE HINDS HONEY AND ALMOND CREAM PROGRAM WITH GEORGE BURNS AND GRACIE ALLEN: TILL THE COWS COME HOME (CBS, 1940)---Gracie (Allen) is full swing into her presidential racie . . . kvetching about Congress's rules on campaign spending limits ("Three million dollars for a campaign fund---why, they spend more than that to run the government!") . . . and this is the woman who once dropped ten thousand dollars on tips at a convention ("It was a Shriner's convention and I thought they were redcaps") and thinks the cows will tell her everything. Additional cast: Frank Parker, Truman Bradley. Music: Ray Noble Orchestra. Writers: Keith Fowler, Frank Galen, Paul Henning, George Burns.

mr. ace and JANE: THE CIGARETTE SLOGAN (CBS, 1948)---In my office, I'm known as the idea man. Every time Mr. Norris catches me lounging around, he says, "What's the idea?" He doesn't know I do my important thinking when I'm lounging. And (Goodman) Ace finds out the hard way that his clever idea for a cigarette ad campaign---on NO SMOKING signs, no less---was smoked right out from under him by brother-in-law Paul (Leon Janney), who lives by his wits, which is living by half. Jane: Jane Ace. Norris: Eric Dressler. Sally: Florence Robinson. Himself: Ken Roberts (announcer). Writer: Goodman Ace.

THE JACK BENNY PROGRAM: JOURNEY TO THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH (CBS, 1955)---After descending to The Vault for a little spending money (!) for a night on the town, Jack (Benny) invites trusty vault guard Ed (Mel Blanc) to come up and see a bit of home and the surface world---which the skittish watchman probably hasn't seen since the McKinley Administration, proving more than he can handle on a day when Jack has to help Rochester (Eddie Anderson) finish his income tax return and handle Dennis (Day)'s latest suicide threat. Himself: Don Wilson (announcer). Missing Persons Clerk: Frank Nelson. Music: The Sports Men. Writers: George Balzer, Milt Josefsberg, Nat Perrin, John Tackaberry.


1893---Leslie Howard (actor: Leslie Howard Theater, Streamlined Shakespeare), London.
1894---Dooley Wilson (as Arthur Wilson; actor: Theater of Romance, New World A-Coming, Jubilee), Tyler, Texas.
1898---George Jessel (comedian: Town Hall Tonight, Texaco Star Theater, Command Performance, The Fred Allen Show, The Big Show), New York City.
1904---Peter van Steeden (bandleader: Town Hall Tonight, Duffy's Tavern, Mr. District Attorney), Amsterdam.
1906---Iron Eyes Cody (as Esper de Corti; actor: Straight Arrow Pow-Wow), Kaplan, Louisiana.
1919---Miyoshi Umeki (singer/actress, numerous Japanese radio programs), Otaru, Hokiaido.
1921---Jan Sterling (as Jan Sterling Adriance; actress: Screen Director's Playhouse), New York City.
1924---Doris Day (as Doris Mary Ann von Kappelhoff; singer/actress: Your Hit Parade, The Bob Hope Show), Cincinnati.
1925---Jan Merlin (actor: Tom Corbett, Space Cadet), New York City.


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