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Sunday, November 30, 2008

. . . Into the Home Stretch: The Way It Is, 30 November

It's only 25 days to Christmas. Crunch time arrives soon enough. So relax. Listen. Laugh . . .


FIBBER McGEE & MOLLY: TEENY'S MISSING DOG (NBC, 1943)---For once in his life, McGee (Jim Jordan) doesn't want to brain the usually pesty Teeny (Marian Jordan, who also plays Molly)---when the little girl practically begs him to help find her dog. Mr. Meyerhoff: Possibly Bill Thompson. Doc: Arthur Q. Bryan. Alice Darling: Shirley Mitchell. Mr. Wellington: Lansing Sherman. Announcer: Harlow Wilcox. Music: Billy Mills and his Orchestra, the King's Men. Writer: Don Quinn.

DUFFY'S TAVERN: ARCHIE INHERITS HALF A RACEHORSE (NBC, 1951)---Actually, Archie (Ed Gardner) buys in on a hot tip . . . from a weighing machine. Eddie: Eddie Green. Finnegan: Charles Cantor. Miss Duffy: Gloria Erlanger. Writers: Ed Gardner, unknown.

THE ALDRICH FAMILY: SAM IS SICK (NBC, 1952)---And the household may come apart bending over to keep him comfortable, while Sam (House Jameson) chafes over Alice's (Katherine Raht) overdone protectiveness. Henry: Bobby Ellis. Homer: Jack Ryan. Mary: Mary Rolfe. Announcer: Dick Dudley. Writer: Clifford Goldsmith.


1873---Frederic William Wile (commentator: Political Situation in Washington), La Porte, Indiana.
1894---David Ogden Stewart (humourist: Lux Radio Theater), Columbus, Ohio.
1913---John K.M. McCaffrey (newscaster: The Author Meets the Critics), Moscow, Idaho.
1914---Charles Hawtrey (comedian/actor: Just William), Hounslow, Middlesex, UK.
1915---Brownie McGhee (as Walter McGhee; blues singer/guitarist: New World A'Coming; This Is Jazz), Knoxville, Tennessee.
1919---Joe Cabbibo (sound: Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar; Tennessee Jed; Counterspy), unknown.
1920---Virginia Mayo (as Virginia Clara Jones; actress: Lux Radio Theater), St. Louis.
1923--Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. (actor: Lux Radio Theater), New York City.
1926---Richard Crenna (actor: A Date With Judy; Our Miss Brooks), Los Angeles.


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