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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pleasant Screams: The Way It Was, 24 July

1911---It will never really be known whether the proud parents will applaud his transformation from a bank teller, but neither did Raymond Edward Johnson respond to that first slap with a cheerily chilling, "Good evening, friends, this is Raymond, your host, welcoming you to The Inner Sanctum."

Perhaps Mother and Father Johnson were somewhat relieved to know their son will make his way through other old-time radio classics as well, including Mr. District Attorney; Roger Kilgore, Public Defender; Calling All Cars; Don Winslow of the Navy; Mandrake the Magician; Cavalcade of America; Gangbusters; The Goldbergs; and, Famous Jury Trials.


1941: ESTHER MILLER IS EXPECTED---Still feeling obliged to help the Allysons in the wake of the marriage disaster between Sammy (Alfred Ryder) and Sylvia (Zina Provendie), Molly (Gertrude Berg) prepares for the arrival of someone from Sylvia's past, on today's edition of The Goldbergs. (CBS.)

Rosalie: Roslyn Silber. Dr. Cater: Raymond Edward Johnson. Writer: Gertrude Berg.

1959: SMELLY DAVE IN PEORIA---But how does the big whale play there? Sorry, but you'll have to listen to today's edition of Bob & Ray Present the CBS Radio Network. (We can't imagine . . . )

Writers: Two chocolate cookies with cream in the middle.


1853---William Gillette (actor: Sherlock Holmes), Hartford, Connecticut.
1890---Basil Ruysdael (announcer: Beggar's Bowl; Your Hit Parade; Cavalcade of America), Jersey City.
1901---Mabel Albertson (actress: The Phil Baker Show), Lynn, Massachussetts.
1904---Delmer Daves (writer/director: Lux Radio Theater; Screen Guild Theater), San Francisco.
1907---Glenn Riggs (announcer: Musical Varieties; Hop Harrigan; Boston Blackie), East McKeesport, Pennsylvania.
1911---Jane Hoffman (actress: The Author's Studio), Seattle.
1913---Hollace Shaw (as Vivien Shaw; singer: The Vic Damone and Hollace Shaw Show; Blue Velvet), Fresno, California.
1914---Frank Silvera (actor: X Minus One), Kingston, Jamaica.
1921---Billy Taylor (host: The Mildred Bailey Show; The Bing Crosby Show; The Genius of Duke), Greenville, South Carolina.


Blogger bojim1 said...

The "Premiering Today" section of your blog is always a fun read. I'm often surprised at some of the birthdates. Today William Gillette caught me by surprise. There's something about hearing someones voice who was alive when Lincoln was still with us. Jim

9:47 AM  

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