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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Celebrating, Pressing On: The Way It Was, 13 May

1945: CELEBRATING IN EUROPE, PRESSING ON IN THE PACIFIC---Robert Trout anchors a report addressing the continuing celebrations of the end of the war in Europe, progress in the war in the Pacific, and rumours that former S.S. commander-in-chief Heinrich Himmler had been seized, on this edition of World News Today. (CBS.)

BLOOPER ALERT---Listen for Davis's mangle of Britain and Italy . . .


1940: AHEAD OF SCHEDULE---Day Four of the Nazi invasion of the so-called low countries---including Belgium (taking the apparent hardest hits to this point) and the Netherlands, whose troops continue fighting along two key rivers---seems well ahead of Hitler's planned schedule, though what proves an actual bid to capture Dutch Queen Wilhelmina doesn't go as hoped for the Nazis, on tonight's edition of Elmer Davis and the News. (CBS.)

1941: JANE SMASHES THE CAR---With two marital separations---the Aces (Goodman and Jane Ace) and the young Neffs (Ethel Blume, Alfred Ryder)---both tied to Betty's leaving Carl (Alfred Ryder) over their baby's name, and with Jane trying to make profits by buying and selling her own furniture at auction, Ace borrows Carl's car to go back to the house, Jane has to back Betty's car out before she can take Ace's car to the Neff apartment, and they end up a smash hit on tonight's edition of Easy Aces. (CBS.)

Marge: Mary Hunter. Writer: Goodman Ace.


1902---David Broekman (conductor: Mobil Magazine; Texaco Star Theater), Leiden, Netherlands.
1907---Dame Daphne du Maurier (writer: Campbell's Playhouse; Matinee Theater; Romance; Escape), London.
1909---Ken Darby (singer/conductor, with the King's Men: Fibber McGee & Molly), Hebron, Nebraska.
1912---Helen Craig (actress: Crime Does Not Pay), San Antonio, Texas.
1914---Joe Louis (heavyweight boxing champion: The Fleischmann's Yeast Hour; Freedom's People; The Fred Allen Show), Lafayette, Alabama.


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