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Monday, February 16, 2009

Life and Death on the Docks: The Way It Was, 16 February

In a story paralleling Malcolm Johnson's shattering New York Sun series to come on waterfront crime, Blackie (Dick Kollmar) gets drawn in when a new dockworker, hungry just for a job, learns the hard (and fatal) way just how much control Fred Palmer has over life and death on the Boston waterfront.

Mary: Jan Minor. Faraday: Maurice Tarplin. Additional cast: Herbert Vigran. Writer: Ralph Rosenberg.


1929: MESSIN' WITH THE KID---KID (those are the actual call letters, kiddies) signs on in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Today it is owned by Clear Channel Communications and holds to a predominantly news format.


SUSPENSE: IN FEAR AND TREMBLING (CBS, 1943)---A clifftop mansion wreaks a supernaturally ruinous effect upon a formerly happy couple, after the wife's half sister (Mary Astor) comes to live with them. Additional cast: Unknown. Based on a story by J. Donald Wilson.

THE CHARLIE McCARTHY SHOW: UNPLEASANT SUBJECTS (NBC, 1947)---Such is the appellation affixed to Edgar Bergen's birthday by his ever-trenchant marionette about town. Additional cast: Nelson Eddy, Anita Gordon, Billie Burke. Music: Ray Noble. Writers: Possibly Roland McLane, Dick Mack, Carrol Carroll.

BOB & RAY PRESENT THE CBS RADIO NETWORK: ONE FELLA'S FAMILY---RAKING (THINK HARD! 1960)---From Chapter Twenty, Book Fourteen, Pages One, Two, and Three . . . and yes, it may be a blooper, considering their previous introductory style. Writers, as if they'd have admitted it: Bob Elliott, Ray Goulding.


1893---Katherine Cornell (actress: A Tribute to Ethel Barrymore; Kate Smith Sings), Berlin.
1901---Chester Morris (actor: Boston Blackie; The Great Merlini), New York City.
1903---Edgar Bergen (ventriloquist/comedian: The Chase & Sanborn Hour; The Charlie McCarthy Show), Chicago.
1909---Hugh Beaumont (actor: known to have appeared in various radio roles in the early 1930s), Lawrence, Kansas; Jeffrey Lynn (actor: Lux Radio Theater; Hallmark Playhouse), Auburn, Massachussetts.
1910---Jerry Lester (actor: The Life of Mary Sothern), Chicago; Del Sharbutt (actor: Hobby Lobby; Victory Theatre; The Jack Benny Program), Fort Worth, Texas.
1918---Patty Andrews (singer, with the Andrews Sisters: The Andrews Sisters Revue; Lux Radio Theater; The Big Show), Minneapolis.
1926---Vera-Ellen (born Vera-Ellen Westmeier Rohe; actress: The Martin & Lewis Show), Norwood, Ohio.


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