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Thursday, February 28, 2008

How to Grow Old Gracefully---In One Hour: The Way It Was, 28 February

1948: HIRING A MAID---There comes a time in every man's life when he has to bring a prospective customer home for dinner. In a situation like that, a man likes to think of his wife as the little woman who helps him close the deal. I like to think of Jane that way. Excuse me a minute while I do . . . Well, enough daydreaming.

All (Goodman) Ace wants to do for one night is hire a maid for dinner, to impress his new client, a rich soapmaker . . . whose wife inadvertently hires Jane (Ace) as their maid, after she mistakes Jane---who's mistaken Ace's one-night idea for a sign of domestic dissatisfaction---for a job seeker at an employment agency where Jane was to do the hiring.

Those, alas, were only mistake numbers one, two, and three, on tonight's edition of mr. ace and JANE. (CBS.)

Norris: Eric Dressler. Ken: Ken Roberts. Additional cast: Evelyn Barton, John Griggs, Cliff Hall, Pert Kelton. Announcer: Ken Roberts. Writer: Goodman Ace.


1893---Ben Hecht (writer/panelist: Information, Please), New York City.
19141914---Jim Boles (actor: I Love a Mystery, King's Row), Lubbock, Texas.
1915---Zero Mostel (actor/comedian: The Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street), Brooklyn.
1922---Joyce Howard (actress: Mary Noble, Backstage Wife), London.
1928---Louise Erickson (actress: A Date With Judy, The Great Gildersleeve), Oakland.


Blogger rleegray said...

Just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog. I have just discovered it in the last few months. How I have missed it I do not know. I am going back to the beginning and reading. I love old radio. In particular I am interested in old radio soap operas. I have a website dedicated to the history of soap operas and trying to get as much info as I can over there on the history of all soaps esp. the radio ones. There are a few shows I cannot find any info on. Is there anyway I could e-mail the names to you and see if you could help?

thanks so much for anything.


8:35 PM  
Blogger Jeff Kallman said...

Steve---Send me those names at, and I'll see if I can put you onto such information. Hunt the secondhand book stores, too, and pick up James Thurber's The Beast in Me (usually in the humour sections), which includes his landmark five-part study of radio soaps, "Soapland," written while many if not most of the signature radio soaps were still alive and broadcasting.---Jeff

5:00 AM  

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