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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Not Funny Haw-Haw: The Way It Was, 24 April

1906---He would earn his infamous nickname thanks to a London Daily Express reporter's allusion to his "aristocratic, nasal drawl." He would earn his infamy as the most persistent known broadcaster of pro-Nazi propaganda reaching British listeners, even if his broadcasts were made illegal at one point.

But he is born today in Brooklyn, will live in Ireland and London with his family before becoming a German national in 1939---yet his carriage of a British passport will provide the jurisdiction under which the British will try, convict, and hang him for treason, on the way to which gallows he would yet blame the Allies for the deaths exposed from the rubble of the Nazi concentration and extermination camps.

He is born William Joyce. He will die in infamy as Lord Haw-Haw.


1947: WIN, PLACE, AND MURDER---Dire consequences show when a gambler (Richard Conte) is desperate to get down a bet on a white-hot tip when his regular bookie decides to take no more action for the week, on tonight's edition of Suspense. (CBS.)

Additional cast: Unidentified. Writer: Emil C. Tepperman.

1948: BRIDGE GAME---Have you ever run across those frightening little medical ads in magazines that say, "Men! Do you wake up mornings?" Underneath that, they list a lot of symptoms. And if you read the symptoms long enough, you get all of them. The other morning I woke up feeling terrible. Something I read, no doubt.

Thus pronounces (Goodman) Ace, who's feeling a little low of late. Thus a bridge game is just what Dr. Jane (Ace) orders, but a bridge game with Dr. Jane is just what the ulcers order, on tonight's edition of mr. ace and JANE. (CBS.)

Doctor: John Briggs. Norris: Eric Dressler. Miss Denison: Jo Carol Denison. Keane: William Keane. Mr. and Mrs. Hudson: Ed Jerome, Katherine Emmett. Announcer: Ken Roberts. Writer: Goodman Ace.

1949: FIND ME, FIND DEATH---A hand-delivered letter to the office promises Dan (Alan Ladd) more than an adventure: his own death, within four days, unless he can learn the identity of his potential killer in the same time or less, on tonight's edition of Box 13. (Mutual.)

Suzy: Sylvia Packer. Kling: Edmund McDonald. Additional cast: Lurene Tuttle, Frank Lovejoy, Luis van Rooten, Betty Lou Gerson, possibly Alan Reed or John Beal. Writer: Russell Hughes.


1924---Marilyn Erskine (actress: Lora Lawton, Young Widder Brown, Living 1948), Rochester, New York.


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